Saturday, April 11, 2009

Big boy bike!

Big happenings at the Terpstra house - Dylan has his first big boy bike. I was watching him ride his princess tricycle around the neighborhood the other day (yes, you read that correctly...I bought it a garage sale last summer for $3 thinking Ella could use it, but it ended up being the right size for Dylan), and I decided it was about time to get him a proper bike. He's not much of a dare devil, so he's been happy on a trike up until this point. We found this little bike at Meijer yesterday (on sale for $25!) and it's working well for him. We considered putting a little more money into one for him but we figure 1) he'll probably destroy it at some point (boys can't seem to help themselves), and 2) he will need a slightly larger bike before long anyway. Gotta love these little kid rites of passage!

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