Tuesday, September 30, 2008

we ♥ preschool

Dylan has settled down into the preschool routine and he's really enjoying it now. It's amazing to see how much new information he's learning each time he goes. He loves Zoophonics (curriculum for learning letters), he's making new friends (another little boy told his mom - "I'm really getting along well with that dark haired Dylan" - there are two Dylan's in his class :) ), and he's learning everything from how butterflies are hatched to how to take turns playing. We have his first field trip on Thursday to the apple orchard too.

Dylan is also learning a lot of new songs at preschool, and I thought I'd share a couple because they are affirming on such a basic level (my mom says it might help us if we sang them to ourselves every day too!)

Every day is a VICTORY! (fist pump :))
Every day is a VICTORY!
Every day is a VICTORY!
When you put it in the hands of the Lord.

You're a Great Big God,
A very busy God,
But you take time for me!

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