Tuesday, September 16, 2008

bows, part III

I know I've blogged about bows before (here and here), but I went to an open house last night for my friend Kara's bows and she once again has some new, cute stuff out. I picked up some "everyday" bows along with an adorable Happy Birthday bow and a Christmas bow. Kara has expanded her line to include everything from tiny newborn bows to larger "big girl" bows. Who knew having a girl could be so much fun??

Kara's website
Etsy site


  1. Between the bows and the calendar, your blog is a very handy place to shop!

  2. I love them! Did I tell you that Kara saved my butt a few weeks ago? I needed something to coordinate with a dress that I had for a bday party... and, of course, she pulled something together in less than 24 hours! Amazing :) Then, of course, I had to pick some things up for Madisyn because they're so stinkin' cute!


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