Wednesday, September 10, 2008


We have been watching one of God's little miracles up close the last couple of weeks. A few weeks ago we were given a milkweed leaf with a little white spot on the back of it - a caterpillar egg - which soon hatched. We kept it in a jar on our counter and every couple of days Matt and Dylan rode to the park to get new milkweed leaves, and we watched as our little caterpillar grew and grew. About two weeks ago we noticed it looked like it was ready to spin a cocoon and the next time we looked at it (only an hour or two later) it was completely incased. We have been waiting and waiting (I just looked it up and apparently it takes about two weeks) and today our butterfly finally emerged! We looked at it at breakfast today and we noticed the cocoon was getting darker and then Matt came home for lunch today and there he (she?) was! Dylan has enjoyed watching the process for the first time, and for Matt and me it's an amazing reminder of God's creativity and provision.


  1. How awesome - what a neat experience to have as a family...God is great!

    You guys are becoming animal lovers - butterfly, fish...what's next, a dog?

    - Bethany

  2. that is really cool! very impressive that you were able to keep that thing alive through the whole process.


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