Thursday, September 25, 2008

now what did we do with all that disposable income??

The other day I found Dylan up in his room lining up his toy cars (something he's done since he's two) only he was lining up ALL of his cars, not just a few like in the past. I was astounded by the display of die-cast-ness and also amazed at the sheer number (a couple of weeks ago a friend asked how many cars we thought we had around the house and I think I guessed 50...ummm...that was wrong...) In our consumer-ish defense, most of those cars were bribes :) or gifts...and Matchbox cars are only 97 cents at Target! Actually, I take full ownership in the fact that our child has so many of one thing, but he LOVES playing cars and they keep him occupied for hours (and they make for some really cool pictures).


  1. Wow, that is alot of cars! And Beef! (o:

  2. I love that top picture. He looks so proud of his collection!
    I also love that you used bribery as a DEFENSE against your consumerism. Ha!


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