Thursday, September 25, 2008

beef bundle

Every now and then my parents will have a strange, yet brilliant idea (see also: "Let's buy three Kitchenaid blenders in three different colors because they look cool together," and also "Let's go to the MSU bowl game in week." On Labor Day, they announced to us and my brother and sister-in-law that they wanted to get us beef bundles from Bob's Butcher Block to stock our freezers up for winter. Strange, yes, but absolutely brilliant. A week later, my mom pulled up with her Vibe stuffed full of beef - ground beef, roast, and steak. I am not exactly one of those meal planner people with the dinner charts and grocery shopping lists, so the fact that I can now count on always having beef in the house is amazing (I daresay life-changing) PLUS the meat tastes better and fresher than the grocery store stuff. Go ahead - go get yourself part of a cow and see what it does for you.

Mom and Dad - I'm thinking Memorial Day pork bundle next year??

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