Friday, September 28, 2012

Insta.Life // Super September

September is in full swing, but besides the big kids' school schedules, our fall has been blissfully not busy. Dylan's not playing soccer this year, and Ella's taking a little break from gymnastics which means the after-school hours have been filled with watching Little House on the Prairie re-runs, baking treats, playing with the neighbor kids, and generally not rushing around in the minivan.

We have some winter and spring activities on the docket, so we'll be carpooling around soon enough, but for now we're enjoying the empty space on our calendar. (Not that we haven't been staying on for a peak into some of our mini moments.)

 One last summer day spent at The Condo, enjoying rootbeer rocket pops.

 Theresa & I are hosting a book club of sorts...and I am enjoying the guilty pleasure of writing in pen in my copy of One Thousand Gifts.

A well-earned breakfast break halfway through a 24 mile bike ride.

 Our spoiled baby enjoying a foot rub (and a movie) with big brother.

 Life Lesson #67: take time to celebrate.

 Sushi 101: take an industrial kitchen, add a generous helping of good friends, toss in some seaweed, rice, fish eggs, and sake...and enjoy!

Post-bike ride park playing.

 A favorite after school activity with my Ella.
1 C peanut butter, 1 C sugar, 1 egg, 1 tsp. baking powder. 350, 10 minutes.

 Applesauce day!
9 hours, 70 quarts, one hot mess. Phew!

Nice dam view.

 Sometimes being big brother is hard work.

We checked our inhibitions at the door, donned smocks, and played artist.
No one's quitting their day jobs, but we had a blast!

A sunny, fall afternoon spent stroller-ing around the city, taking in the art. {including this piece entitled Stick-to-it-ive-ness}

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  1. Another FULL month! Way to live well!

  2. Fantastic fall. You shared some of my favorite fall things: applesauce, cookies, Culvers and One Thousand Gifts.

  3. Glad you don't feel too busy. It's so nice to breathe. We're feeling a little busy here, but it will end once Jonny is done with soccer. I was writing out my calendar today and trying to think through what we need to do, want to do, and what can go.

  4. It is such a nice change of pace to see someone not overscheduling their kids!
    And your pictures make your life look just blissfully happy. :)
    Oh and I wish I could find Little House reruns but since we don't have Hallmark channel, we don't get it. Sigh. :(
    Thanks for this post on this cold northern Illinois evening!

  5. I'm SO going to make that peanut butter cookie recipe! It looks amazing!!! Also, the pictures of your kids, specifically your son giving the little one a foot rub, are precious. They look like they get along well!


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