Sunday, September 30, 2012

Five things I'm loving right now.

I found myself in a momentary funk the other day, when I spotted a tweet about a five things I love link party over at a blog called Back to the Basics. (Social networking at it's finest.) 

I scraped myself off the couch, thought of five current favorites fairly quickly, and instantly felt like the glass was once again half-full. Some of these things I have loved for a good, long time (lattes!), some of these things I have just recently learned to love (change...oy).
Here you go...five things I'm loving right now...

Slowing Down. I'm in the process of reading One Thousand Giftsand I'm learning a lot about gratitude. #1 observation: it's hard to be grateful when you're always in a hurry. I'm trying to put less on my calendar each week and manage my time better. I want to build space into my life so I have time to practice gratitude. I want to adopt a childlike attitude of wonder. I want to enjoy my life not just live it. I want to notice the little things. Like these fish. In Meijer. Because grocery shopping, like life, is not an emergency.

Elementary School-ers. I love mine, of course, but I'm also talking about the bigger realm of K through 5th graders. I've never been the type to come alive in a room full of toddlers, making animal sounds, crawling around on my hands and knees, reading the same book 56 times... but as I volunteer in D & E's school, I'm learning that I enjoy this age group a whole lot. I like talking to them, learning their names, sharing a kind word, sending a smile their way. Kids this age are sweet, receptive, and still think Dylan T.'s mom is cool.  

Change. I know. Not the obvious choice for a "things I love" post, but hear me out. I've heard it said that change is a form of loss. And loss can be sad and scary and uncomfortable. But I've also heard it said that change is to be expected. And when I shift my perspective and realize that change is a natural part of life, suddenly it doesn't seem so frightening. When I realize that out of change and loss often springs new life and opportunity, I am filled with hope and renewed energy and gratitude. I'm filled with thankfulness for what was... and for what will be.

Lattes. Previous fav: rasberry white chocolate mocha. Current fav: pumpkin spice (I also love all things seasonal). I know the statistics on what I could be doing with the $5 dollars I spend a couple times a week on lattes, but I also know that lattes make me feel warm and fuzzy and can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one (or salvage a particularly terrible grocery store outing). I also found a workaround to any latte-inspired guilt: I pick one up for a friend too and suddenly it's an act of generosity, rather than indulgence. It's my little way of paying the latte love forward.

All things SILLY. Here's a theory: we take ourselves a bit too seriously. Want to experience joy, spread joy, laugh a little (or a lot)? Try acting silly. For my dear friend Theresa's birthday, we spent the morning driving around from place to place, collecting birthday freebies. The list included a bear claw, an ice cream sundae, two cute bowls, queso dip, an appetizer, a piece of chocolate cake and some ready-to-bake cookie dough. We allowed ourselves to act ridiculous, laughed until our sides hurt, and garnered a lot of smiles from strangers. Silly? Yes. An amazeballs way to spend a morning? Absolutely.
Enough about me. What five things are you loving right now?

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  1. I got hooked on lattes when you worked at that little place in Family Fare. I've never looked back.

  2. This post is amazing! One Thousand Gifts has been in my to read pile for awhile now- I should get on that. And my mom always says that the only thing you can count on in life is change. So glad you found my little link party and that it brightened your day! Your post just brightened mine!

  3. Hello Katie! Just found your blog at the Monday Meet Up Blog Hop ^^ You have a lovely blog, I liked it a lot so I'm following : ) Hope you get a chance to visit my blog too and tell me what you think xx

  4. One of my favorite blog post....ever. I love that your favorites are rich, meaning Full and beauty Full!

  5. Katie... I LOVE THIS POST! I just tweeted it. The part on CHANGE speaks to me soooo much right now. Thank you so much for linking up today! =)

  6. Sometimes I do get in a hurry and start thinking of grocery shopping as an annoying chore...but more often, I do try to slow down and enjoy grocery shopping together with my husband. Really, there are so many interesting things for sale that it's sometimes worth walking down a meijer aisle in wonder at the inventions that man has come up with!

  7. i LOVED reading through 1,000 gifts.. every time i read through it again! it's one of those books sitting on my nightstand - -and my notebook begs for more thankfulness. thanks for the reminder.

    i am so glad you did this list -- reminds me to slow down, look around and see the many things i am thankful for/loving right now!

  8. 1000 Gifts is our bookclub book this year for Moms Group, I am loving it. It is an amazing journey.


  9. A latte was on my five things list as well. Starting kindergarten must be so exciting for her! It's great to stop and think of things we're grateful for!

  10. I popped over here from RDD's link up. Your pictures and grateful heart are both beautiful!

  11. I started 1000 Gifts with my husband, and somehow I lost my book! I have no idea where I left it (I'm a chornic reader-in-the-car-er and suspect I left it behind somewhere.) Slowing down is definitely something to love.

    Thanks for linking up with Desire to Inspire! I hope you'll be back!


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