Thursday, September 13, 2012

#SheReadsTruth // Proverbs

The She Reads Truth community just wrapped up a 31-day study on the book of Proverbs. My reading was a little disjointed at times because of vacations, but I did catch back up and finish strong. 

I read through Proverbs using The Message translation this time, and I love the strong, blunt, clear truths and themes that came up time and time again. I love writing the words down and seeing them in my own handwriting. It's not the same as truly knowing the wisdom or actually practicing it or honest-to-goodness-ly living it, but it's a start.

So much goodness packed into each chapter.

Enjoying some quiet time on a rainy, cool summer morning.

At the cottage enjoying some cute company (and the view).

A timely verse for Project Purge // garage sale week.

A main theme of Proverbs: w-i-s-d-o-m. It's worth it's weight in gold.

Back to reality. An 11pm catch-up session.

Something I would go back and tell my younger self if I could: 
Learn to receive. It's a beautiful thing.

Thinking a lot about my words and how I use them.
Words kill, words give life.

Love the images here and the challenge to build and furnish well.

Blunt. True. Oy.

Someone else around here loves colored pens too.

The closing proverb is a good one!
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  1. I went through Proverbs with #shereadstruth as well and I loved it. I feel like I could go through that book of the Bible over and over again and still not absorb everything that I need to learn.

  2. I like your journaling style! Started with shereadstruth a little late but excited for what's next.

  3. Love your colorful pens, handwriting, cute kiddos, AND Ann Voskamp's book!! :)

    I may try reading through Proverbs via The Message next time too... thanks for the inspiration! <3


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