Saturday, July 28, 2012

Insta.Life {Jolly July}

It's hard to believe summer is two thirds of the way over!
We're packing in as much as we can into the long summer days.
Here's a glimpse into our recent summer livin'...

Mid-summer sunset over Lake Michigan.
Headed down to the beach shortly after this picture was taken for a quick dip.
Spent the 4th of July enjoying a very relaxing, very convenient 
stay-cation on the back deck.

Slippin' & Slidin': the best $9.99 I spend each summer.

She thinks it's her personal drinking fountain.

Taking a trip to the health food store with Daddy very seriously.

It's been hot! hot! hot! and we are all whipped.

My first trip to a well-known, well-loved local establishment.

A relaxing evening on Brett & Kara's "farm". Caden showed Aunt K3 the ropes {"wings down, wings down"and K3 picked up a new poultry pal.

Saturday morning sweet surprise:
a delicious donut delivery from our neighbors!

Playing cars with my boy. Pick any three cars out of his bin and he can tell you with 99% accuracy which car will win in a Hot Wheels race. #uncanny

Monkeying around.

Catch you later, July!

life rearranged


  1. It looks like you've all been having fun! I forgot, how old are your kids? They sure are cute!

  2. 2/3 of the way over? and that was some quick dip;)


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