Friday, July 20, 2012

Etsy Extravaganza GIVEAWAY {Day 10}

Etsy Extravaganza 10-Day GIVEAWAY {Day 10}
Holiday Hair Clip Gift Set
from My Little Pixies!

Meet EB: I'm a stay-at-home mom of two sweet girls, age 3 and 6. I spend my days trying to soak up their sweetness and hold on to them just a little longer before they grow up. My husband's a local OB/GYN, so over the years we've spent quite a lot of time at the hospital visiting him when he's on call and enjoying being all together when he's home. We love finding adventures to share together! I'm really grateful that I can be a constant in my girls' lives and being able to work at home doing something I love is a great blessing!

The Story Behind Her Shop: I started making bows when I had my second daughter (February 2009) and quickly discovered that I loved doing it, and after lots of practice, I learned that I could be good at it! All I wanted to do in my spare time was make bows - and it wasn't long before I was making so many I could never use them all! My Little Pixies has become exactly that for me. I make bows because I love them! I love the creative winds that sweep through me and wake me up from sleep with new ideas to try. I love the way a project comes together and how I can make something beautiful with my own hands. I love how art is something that is always changing- and I love how the science nerd I have always known I am (hello, chemistry major!) is becoming an artist in this third decade of my life.

Making bows is more to me than just making money. It's about connecting with people. The majority of my clients are moms, just like me - I feel a kinship with them in our shared motherhood. Many of my long-time clients have also become friends, and I have found understanding and support from people I have never even seen. For that, I am so grateful. I love how today's technology can bring people together who might never meet in real life. The Etsy community is a truly cool place!

Prize Details: Holiday Hair Clips Gift Set, an 8-clip set including a hair clip for every major holiday, including Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas - plus a cupcake clip for a birthday. The set makes a great gift! It's cute all year long! Value $28.

Enter Here: Use the Rafflecopter gadget below to enter for this sweet prize. And phew! We made it! All 10 days of giveaways have been announced. If you missed any, please go back and check them out here!

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