Saturday, December 3, 2011


Dylan at seven years old is serious and sensitive - his teacher tells me almost every time I see her about Dylan's character and his good heart. At conferences, she told us that she had the kids fill out a form listing (among other things) a few of their friends. Dylan's name showed up on almost everyone's form - he is a friend to many and an easy kid to like. He has befriended one of the least-liked, hardest-to-love kids in his class and we couldn't be prouder.

One of my favorite parts of my day is when the kids come home and empty their  backpacks out on the kitchen island. I love looking through their papers and hearing about their days.

Dylan is at the phase of learning where he can read pretty well (he had a slow start but now he's doing great!) and he can spell...kind of. He spells phonetically (knife = nif) plus he spells the way he speaks (let's = yets). All of this adds up to a very adorable / hilarious paper review time around 4:00 pm each day.

Matt refers to it as a special language but I think Dylan's writing is pretty readable, as long as you read it out loud. It's a bit like playing Mad Gab. If you get stuck, you just keep repeating the phase until it suddenly dawns on you.

11-2-2011 story

I wut to Mexxukow and I wut to the besh and I wut in the wodr and I wut lucken fo fish with my dad. We soll vere lill fis the coll wus vare sipe but I wus saf cus I hoold my dad had.

[I went to Mexico and I went to the beach and I went in the water and I went looking for fish with my dad. We saw very little fish, the coral was very slippery but I was safe because I held my dad's hand.]

Writing prompt: That is it

seid my mom no now fiden

[said my mom, no more fighting]

Persuasive writing letter

Dear Mommy,

Will you git a wotrrsliyd for me and Ella. We will tak kr uv it. We will play on it owly win yowr owsiyd so we don git hrt on it.

[Will you get a waterslide for me and Ella? We will take care of it. We will play on it only when you're outside so we don't get hurt on it.]

I love you Momy.
I love you so mush.

From Dylan
Love Dylan

I sure do love this little boy. He holds a very special part of my heart and I can't get enough of his big brown eyes. I'm excited for him as he learns the gift of reading - there is so much out there to take in - and proud of him as he learns to communicate his thoughts on paper - he has so much in his heart to share.


  1. I love the writing! I wish I had him in class- the ones who befriend the hard to love ones are the best ones to have!

  2. How could you say no to a persuasive letter like that? Sweet. sweet. boy.


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