Friday, December 23, 2011 {Christmas Eve EVE}

It's Christmas Eve Eve and we're bracing ourselves for a couple of days of full-time Christmas-ing. We savored the small moments this past week as we put the finishing touches on our holiday plans.

1. Our little angel.

2. Homemade Christmas gifts, five-year-old style.

3. Video messages from Santa.
{Free parenting tip: put your kid on the "naughty" list and watch his behavior change overnight}

4. Homemade bird feeders.

5. Letting her be little {in Mommy & Daddy's bed}

6. Last pair of footy pj'ed feet for this mama.

7. Mady found her favorite corner of the bookstore.

8. Our Christmas journal, est. December 2000.

9. Ethel's sugar cookies, just like mama used to make.

10. One bite and I'm eight years old again.


life rearranged

1 comment:

  1. Now that is one week that was filled with memories:) You are a great mom and your kids will remember this season always.


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