Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas close-up {2011}

Remember how your mom insisted on a Christmas picture each year?
It used to drive you nuts, right?

I get it now. I am that mom.

In spite of my better judgement, every year I insist on a sibling shot in front of the tree. The results include various levels of success:

{2010}     {2009}     {2008}     {2007}

I've learned a few important lessons: 
corral the kids immediately after church while they're still (somewhat) put together, release the notion of a perfect shot, remember that 2 year olds are wild cards, and let everyone have a turn behind the camera.

The results of our 2011 Christmas mini-shoot:

Not too bad, but I bet we can do better.

Big brother temporarily disappears, leaving a pair of sweet sisters.

He's back! And these two are old pros. 

All together again...
I didn't know it at the time, but I think this one is our winner!
(Mady wasn't letting go of that notepad...someday it will remind us of her "tenacity" at two)

Cutting my losses. Time to move on.

Daddy always makes us laugh, but Mady wants OUT. Now.

Dylan's turn as photographer.

Mady's turn.

And Ella catches a sweet moment.

Until next year!


  1. Beautiful shots:) and my lonely link party thanks you for the love:)


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