Monday, February 16, 2009

Bye Bye, SRX

We sold the SRX this weekend. I figured I would blog about it since people always tell me that they never know what I'm driving since it changes so often. It's kind of like how builders are always building new goes the life of a car salesman with cars. Whatever we get will be #10 in a long line of Terpstra vehicles. When we bought the SRX back in May, we knew were were getting a really good deal so we figured if we had the chance to sell it in the future for more than we originally paid, we should do it. We posted it on Craiglist and the new owners will have it by the end of the day (don't worry they still got a really good deal!). Now Matt gets to get busy and find us something new. Not sure we're ready for the minivan plunge, but we won't rule it out. Basically he's looking for another good deal, and we'll probably be selling again in another 6-8 months :)

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