Thursday, February 19, 2009

Currently Watching: Just about everything...

It is the dead of winter and I have been watching an astounding amount of television. I actually have a show (or two) for every night of the week. [I am only admitting this in case it helps any of you come clean with your own TV watching "problem".]

Monday - The Bachelor and Jon & Kate Plus Eight.
Tuesday - American Idol and Scrubs.
Wednesday - American Idol and Lost.
Thursday - The Office and Grey's Anatomy.
Friday - Friday Night Lights.

The Bachelor and Grey's Anatomy are guilty pleasures. Lost is blowing my mind right now. This show is unlike anything that has ever been on television before. [To the other Losties out there check out this and this.] Jon & Kate Plus Eight is like watching a bus crash. It's actually getting pretty painful because Kate seems to be getting meaner and greedier and the product placement spots are getting a little obnoxious. Scrubs and The Office are always good for a few laughs. Friday Night Lights I just love and it's become our date night for Matt and me. We don't get out a terribly lot. American Idol is heating up. That's another one Matt and I watch together. I think I wouldn't be so into it though if it weren't for DVR. I just don't have enough time to watch all three hours every week (very busy with my other TV watching), but it helps that I can zip through the truly bad people and all the recapping they do. Really like that Danny guy.

Anyone else out there with extreme TV watching habits? I promise to pick myself up off the sofa this spring when there is actually something to do outside of my living room.


  1. I have know idea what you are talking about. All I do in the winter is sit and read, read, read. And I am completely not rooting for Melissa.

  2. I'm watching just about everything you are.

    I am getting a little annoyed with Jon and Kate, particularly because of exactly what you said about Kate. UGH. I used to like her and defend her when people said mean things, but now she's disappointing me.

    The Bachelor is my 100% guilty pleasure, I loveee it. (Although I've read a lot of rumors and will be very upset if they are true.)

  3. No Cable! And no local stations either. But we do watch a lot of Netflix.


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