Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Ride

We are the proud new owners of an SRX. Matt's been watching the GM auction site at work, and he finally found one with all the equipment he wants at the price he wants. The only compromise was the color - white's not our first choice - but since we're buying used this time, we couldn't be too picky. Sad to say, but this is only our second used car (out of nine cars total) since we've been married (the first was a hand me down from Mom Jen after we got married). There are some definite downsides to being in the car business, but a perk I have enjoyed are the new cars and the frequent changes :). Most of the new cars we've had were leases (and fabulous deals), but there haven't been any great lease deals lately, so we decided to go used this time. This SRX is a seven seater though, so we can hold on to it for a while (and no, there is no baby news coming from the Terpstra house anytime soon...we've got all we can handle right now!)


  1. Pretty snazzy! It's soo big, do you think you can handle it? (o:

  2. Very nice :)

    And yes, I was wondering if there was an announcement coming ;)

  3. nice ride! and it doesn't look TOO huge for a 7-seater.

  4. Ooh nice! Sure you don't want to trade for the Expedition?? :-) I really like the pearl coat on the white (Jim has educated me on paint techniques) :-)


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