Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

This morning I was contemplating how I wished I was the mom that made their kids heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast or heart-shaped cupcakes or really heart shaped anything when I began to realize that maybe I am just not that mom. And then at lunchtime I realized I could make them heart-shaped grilled cheese sandwiches. Hurray.
I do love holidays and traditions, but it is sometimes overwhelming to me when I realize I'm in charge of all that...I much prefer to be a part of something that someone else does for me :) I remember getting Valentine's Day cards and small gifts from my parents as a kid that just magically appeared on the kitchen table and I loved that. I did pick up a few small things for Matt and the kids - books and small treats - so I need to pull that together during naptime and before Matt gets home from work. What about you have any special V-Day traditions?

Now I'm off to contemplate how I wish I was the wife that cooked a special romantic Valentine's Day dinner for her husband...unfortunately I don't think I'm that wife either. (But I am good at ordering take-out!)

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  1. Like you, I had visions of that for Abbie this year, but cringed when I realized that for it to come to fruition, I would have to make the effort. And, because my mom once did for me, I made the heart-shaped pancakes and muffins, used placemats with hearts on them and bought a little red container to fill with randomness. Abbie couldn't have cared less, but I felt like at least for that day, I was keepin' up with the Jones'.


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