Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Potty Training, Day 8

It has been a looooooonnngg day. I decided to stay home all day today and really concentrate on the potty thing (we took a few days off out of sheer frustration). We actually made some progress today and Dylan peed SIX times on the potty today. I know that's more information than any of you asked for, but it's where I'm at right now :). It's the end of the day, I'm completely exhausted, and I'm wondering how to do this all over again tomorrow (and the next day, and the next...)


  1. hey i don't know from experience or anything but that sounds like he is doing great! go dylan (and dylan's hard-working mommy!) :) :)

  2. Ya know- not that I am oh so full of maternal wisdom- but potty training is TOUGH! I tried at least 3 times with Jaedon between him turning 18 mo. and 2 1/2 but it wasn't until it CLICKED with him that it actually worked! It was 2 months before he turned 3 and I decided to "try again" and sure enough- he was pottytrained by the end of the weekend! (and not because I knew what I was doing!!) He just "got it" and that made a huge difference!


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