Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Potty Training, Day 1

Yesterday was potty training kick-off day for Dylan (we have had some other ill-fated attempts in the past, but now we're SERIOUS*). So far, Dylan has peed in a diaper, in a pull-up, in one of those fancy pull-ups that get cold when they get wet, on his pajamas, in his underwear, and on the floor, but not so much in his potty.

Our main strategy is to fill him up with liquids until his eyeballs float and then let him run around naked until SOMETHING happens (most of you will probably never look at our furniture/carpet the same after hearing that) coupled with a lot of encouragment/bribes/desperation. At first, I wasn't sure if he knew what the "need to go the bathroom" sensation felt like, but now I'm pretty sure he does since he apparently has enough control to pee everywhere BUT the toilet.

Stay tuned...Day 2 coming soon...

*no more moving/ birthday/ Thanksgiving/ Christmas/ vacation/ absolutely no signs of readiness excuses


  1. Good luck! :) Hopefully he'll pick it up sooner rather than later! One thing I tried was putting a diaper in the bottom of the potty (served two purposes; one, I thought that Madisyn would make the relationship between the diaper and going potty and two, it was easier to clean up). I'm sure he'll be trained within days!

  2. We have a sticker chart. There is no defined reward for when it is filled, but she loves just putting the stickers on. 15 went peepee/washed hands, and she gets to pick a candy bar from the store. Candy rewards are probably exactly the wrong type of incentive. However, she really likes them, and we really like peepees in the potty.
    So far, in a couple of weeks of really working at this, we are still not there. Lots of peepees, lots of accidents, but no poopoos anywhere except her diaper. Unless you count the time she pulled off the pullups and apparently crouched over her toybox, got tired of that half way through, and finished the job on her bedroom floor.
    Good luck.


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