Friday, January 18, 2008

3 months to go!

I'm looking for a flower girl dress for Ella for Brett and Kara's wedding...does anyone have any ideas of where to look? Kara would like it to either be white that we could add a ribbon to (the bridesmaid dresses are kind of a pool blue) or the pool blue itself, but that might be harder to match. There is also another flower girl and her dress is white and tulle-y with a blue ribbon and some blue sparkles on the skirt (however, Kara doesn't want them to match).

This will be quite the wedding extravanga for our little family because all four of us are in the wedding...I've already told my parents I need their services that entire day! I'm mostly thinking about how we're going to get the kids to walk down the aisle and then they will probably need to be whisked away since I don't really see either of them sitting through the entire wedding (and neither Matt or I will be in a good position if a meltdown happens). I'm excited and honoered that we can all be a part of their special day, it's just going to take some logistical planning on my part!

I also keep thinking that we have some time before all this happens, but I keep remembering we only have three months! Kara is furiously planning, although if anyone has ideas about reception halls (they want to be able to bring in their own caterer), photographers (artsy, fun and not too expensive), or flowers (anyone ever do them themselves??), please pass that info along!


  1. at our wedding, there was a sucker awaiting him (nephew ring bearer) up front... kind of kept him "focused" :) :) :)

  2. oh - YEAH we did a lot of our own flowers - we made all invites, programs, favors, and the boutonnieres (ivory carnations, lavender, and some little ferny sprigs.. you can buy floral "tape" anywhere... lots of our flowers came from Horrock's)... all of them looked GREAT and 12 boutonniers cost a total of about $15! The bouquets were done by the people there at Horrock's and we just had sort of a wildflower mix.... so not to pricey.

  3. HI - that was MINDY by the way... i was signed in under the wrong user and now you are wondering who the heck "Family" is...

  4. Hello :)

    We had Rich actually walk Calli down the aisle, as she's kind of shy. It was pretty funny. He was tossing flowers over his shoulder and everything.

    Jenny got Calli's flowergirl dress on ebay - from seller fashiongarden. It was pretty inexpensive, and they had a variety of designs.

    I did our flowers for our wedding. Andicott has a series of "Floral Design for Wedding" classes, and I took them, and then taught some helpers how to do them. We ordered our flowers from them, rented the studio for a few hours, and then did them ourselves. At another wedding, all of the bridesmaids got together and did the flowers, and because it was a winter wedding, kept the flowers in the garage.

    It's totally do-able, but the Andicott classes did help, I thought.


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