Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We call her "Trouble"

Ella's first tooth broke through today! It seems like she's been working on it for a long time, so we're glad it finally made its appearance. It's funny because Dylan's first tooth broke through when he was 8 1/2 months old too...almost to the exact same day - his came in August 3, hers July 31 (I know that because I wrote it down, not because I have a freakishly good memory). Someone recently told me that it's hereditary...not sure if it's true, but sure seems like it.

In other Ella news, she is officially pulling herself up to her feet. Seems a teensy bit early to us, but she is very determined. She is also knocking over floor lamps, crawling under beds, pulling her brother's hair, and getting stuck in tight spaces. I think we have our hands full with this one.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah for the tooth!!! Lucy just got hers on the 24th (she's 10 months today). So she was a late one too.


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