Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dilly Man

Dylan is now in his big boy bed 100% of the time. We took down his crib a couple of weekends ago, and he's doing really well staying in his bed. He likes to fall asleep with a light on now, so we got him a little nightlight that he likes to turn on before bed and off in the morning. When he wakes up, he's funny because he will get out of bed and turn on his big light but then get back in bed and wait for us to come get him up.

His current obsession is cars, especially anything having to do with Lightning McQueen and the Cars movie. He can also recognize and identify many types of cars from his own Matchbox car collection and on the road, including Mini Coopers, cars with no tops (convertibles), Jeep cars, Herbie cars (beetles), hot rods, Grand Prix's, GTO's, Mustangs, police cars, cement mixers, and the list goes on. He sure has a lot of Matt in him, although we've noticed that this car fixation is taking a toll on his basketball skills (his previous obsession).

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