Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bad Mom Club

Ella is really crawling all around now, and this morning she "crawled" her way right down the stairs. It was one of those things where we just turned our back for a minute (Matt was still home) and the next thing we knew, we heard a thud. The good news is that we live in a bi-level so it was really only half a flight of stairs, but the bad news is that we have ceramic tile at the bottom. The really good news is that she is perfectly fine. She cried for a couple of minutes and I aplogized to her profusely, and then she was over it.

To my credit, I have never let a child roll off a bed (a common offense in the Bad Mom Club) but apparently I do let them fall down stairs (Dylan has also taken a couple of tumbles, but he was much older). At least it will give them something to talk to their therapists about someday.

And I know, I know...the gate is definitely going up today.


  1. don't be too hard on yourself. my sister and i both had worse stairway incidents than that (e.g., bouncing all the way down metal strip edged linoleum stairs to the concrete basement floor), and we turned out, er, fine. :P

  2. Definitely not as bad as having your little one year old (at the time) get stitches in her forehead twice in 10 days! A little tumble will just toughen her up :) Glad to see you're doing so well... we still need to work on getting together (sorry, we've been out of town). Any more news on selling the house? Have a fantastic day!

  3. luckily i was too young to actually form a memory of the incident. i've only heard the stories. i guess this is why doorways are supposed to open into the room, not into the stairway... which is what knocked me down as i went up to greet my dad. little did he know when he pushed the door open... we must've been tough kids!


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