Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nothing to do on a rainy day

This post is dedicated to my big brother, who also used to delight in pushing his baby sister around in a laundry basket (or a boat, as Dylan likes to call it).


  1. This looks like a much superior model to the one I pushed you around in: longer frame, lower center of gravity, curved edges for easier movement across carpet.

    Kids today have no idea how good they have things . . .

  2. Jim is playing in Intensity Park. I have a 5K in Grand Haven at 8 then he is heading to the tournament after that. I think I will probably go home and sleep a little, but I hope to make it later in the afternoon. Are you going to be there the whole time? Jim has a work thing later that night at Berlin Raceway, too. We really need to pick one thing... :-) Hopefully, I will see you on Saturday.

  3. i'm sorry i wasn't at the park today! it seemed to damp and rainy, i thought maybe next week if the weather is a bit nicer. did you go, or did the kids put a few more miles on the laundry basket?


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