Thursday, May 26, 2011


When we looked at this picture I took of Mady yesterday, Matt and I were both struck by how much she looks like Ella. I remembered taking a picture of Ella around the same age (Ella was closer to two, Mady is 18 months) on the same spot on the counter, so I dug it up to compare.

Below is proof our blue-eyed blondie and our brown-eyed girl came from the same gene pool (although I do have people tell me from time to time that they look like each other).

For whatever reason (serious spunk?) both pictures are slightly blurry (and please ignore Mady's black eye) - but they have the same goofy grin, cute little chin, scrunched up eyes, and fuzzy mullet hairdo.

Sisters. Wonders never cease.


  1. wow! the resemblance is amazing. I didn't realize how much they actually do look alike.

  2. sorry, that comment was from me. I don't know why it showed up as anonymous! kara

  3. I knew it! :) It seems like the hair color and eyes just sometimes distract me from their similarities! They are so stinkin' cute! I can't wait to see what they look like in years to come... differences and similarities! I wonder what these pictures would look like in b/w!


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