Wednesday, May 18, 2011

well, aren't we aging well...

Tomorrow is our 10 year wedding anniversary and in honor of the milestone, I thought it would be fun to pull pictures out for each year we have been married. Only the most flattering shots were considered (much harder to find during the pregnancy/post-pregnancy years!)

We married young - we were both 21 when we walked down the aisle - and we have truly grown up together these past ten years. 

It was a fun walk down memory lane looking back at these years together. It was also eye-opening to find how few pictures we have just the two of us together, especially since the babies started showing up. Note to self: take more pictures together in the decades to come!

June 2000
Please excuse the pre-digital-camera-era quality on these first few shots.

Year One
Bahamas | March 2002

Year Two
Spring Grove Park | September 2002

Year Three
Spring Lake | June 2003

Year Four
Christmas | December 2004

Year Five*
Lion's Game | October 2005
*exception to the Only The Most Flattering Shots Were Considered. 
Sorry, Matt, that picture still makes me laugh. 

Year Six
WPHS Reunion | August 2007

Year Seven
Melting Pot | June 2008

Year Eight
Bahamas | January 2009

Year Nine
Chicago | August 2009

 Year Ten
Chicago | September 2010

Here's hoping for timeless style and good hair in the decades to come. 

Oh, and many more years of wedded bliss!

Happy anniversary, Hubby! I love you!


  1. Well it doesn't look like either have you have changed a bit. Maybe just a tiny bit, but not much. Happy Anniversary!

  2. You two are so cute! Happy Anniversary!

  3. You looked (look) gorgeous right through the years and you really have fabulous hair!!!

    I'd be too scared to pull out pics!


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