Wednesday, August 19, 2009


  • Our friends the Oosting's are becoming our neighbors this weekend! Move in is scheduled for the next couple of days - we are excited that they made it through the building process and we can't wait for the next chapter in our friendship that is ahead.
  • I am at 27 weeks this week so I'm pretty sure that means I'm starting my third trimester (or getting pretty darn close). Still feeling good but I also think I will be glad not to be preggo anymore. I've done some pre-nesting, cleaning out closets and such, but I need to get serious about getting Ella's big girl room and the baby's nursery put together.
  • Dylan starts school in three weeks. We have decided to put him the Four Year Old & Beyond class at Mapletree preschool rather than the Pre-K program at Bauer. The Mapletree program is a half-day program (four mornings a week) and we think it's a better fit for him than the all-day, every other day program at Bauer. More driving and picking up for me but I think it's worth it to have him in the place that's best for him (less stress with the poop issues too - he's getting there but not all the way there yet).

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