Monday, August 31, 2009


This past weekend, Matt and I were able to get away for a night and spend some time in Chicago. This is probably our last little trip before Baby #3 shows up. We had a good time shopping and eating. We also saw Jersey Boys (loved it) and took a double decker bus tour around the city. The funny thing is that as nice as it was to get away, we were really happy to see our crazy little kids when we got home. I'm 29 weeks tomorrow - only 11 more weeks as a family of four!


  1. you 2 make the cutest couple!

  2. you guys always look so happy...steve wants to know what you guys are taking?:)

  3. I love Chi-town. It's a fun adult getaway. Brad and I went one year with a couple friend of ours to see Wicked. Then went back with our crazy kids (just 2 then) and had just as much fun with the kiddos- the childrens museum and Rainforest Cafe were huge hits!!


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