Friday, August 7, 2009

Oval Beach

Today we took the kids to Oval Beach in Saugatuck to try to eek out some summer fun during this chilly and rainy summer. We had heard that this beach was supposed to be one of the best beaches in Michigan (and in the country) so we figured we should try it out since it's relatively close. We did manage a little sun and it is a nice little beach - not huge, but nice dunes and shallow water for the kids to play in.

We also stopped at this little point of interest on the side of the road - the sign said Mount Baldhead - and basically it was a gigantic flight of slightly rickety steps (292 if you're keeping track at home) up to the top of a giant sand dune. Just wanted to note that in case anyone is looking for a family friendly activity (especially for preggo ladies and small children with short legs - add it to your To Do list!)


  1. Oh the stairs.....lots of memories. We used to run those for cross country pre season conditioning! And we would do them 3 or 4 times, then head over to the dunes and run a few of those too. Glad you had a good day!

  2. There's an annual race up those stairs...right up our allies!


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