Monday, October 1, 2007

Moving Day

A BIG thanks to everyone who helped out last Saturday. I was reminded by how loved we are because you don't help someone move unless you really love them :) We moved all the furniture in the morning and then a lot of people stuck around in the afternoon helping us set up beds, hooking up appliances, and organizing my kitchen. We feel pretty "settled" at this point, mostly because Matt can't stand unpacked boxes and unfinished tasks. We just have to hang some pictures and some curtains and we'll be all set.
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  1. you guys are so organized! i wish ron was a little like matt, but we're still surrounded by boxes and bags... and plenty of other "unfinished" things... plus all the superpackaging from lucy's birthday gifts! thank goodness it's trash night. ;)

    your house looks gorgeous by the way!

  2. Congratulations! Must feel great to be in and settled! Hope that the kids are loving their new rooms :) Glad to see everything went smoothly.


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