Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Busy Girl!

Our baby girl is growing up so fast...she took her first step a couple of weeks ago and now she's up to about 10 steps in a row. She still crawls a lot but she's walking places more and more. She has two more teeth now, so she's up to four on top and two on the bottom. She also started drinking cow's milk last week (a little early but I am SO tired of buying formula). I wanted to start her full time on sippy cups when I switched her to milk but she's having nothing to do with it. She'll drink milk and juice from a cup but definitely NOT milk (I'm sure that stubborn streak will come in handy someday!).

She also said her first words this week...on Saturday we were shopping and she kept dropping her toy (on purpose, of course) and I kept picking it up and saying "uh-oh" to her and then she dropped it again and she said "uh-oh"! It's funny because that was Dylan's first word too. I'm guessing Matt and I must say it a lot :). Today we also decided that she is officially saying "Mama." She follows me around the house, pulling on my leg, saying "Mama, Mama." I'm pretty sure Dylan said Dada before he said Mama, so I feel good about this! At dinner tonight, Matt kept trying to get her to say Daddy and she would just look at him and say "Mama!"

Next up -- switching her car seat around. She'll be one in 12 days!

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