Monday, October 8, 2007

not as easy as ABC

I'm working on an ABC scrapbook for Dylan's birthday and I'm looking for some help on a few letters (I put in parentheses what I already have--I'm just looking for 1-2 more things for each)...

I (Isaac, ice cream)
J (Jeep, jelly beans)
K (Kyle, ketchup)
L (Legos, Lions)
O (ocean)
Q (question mark)
R (reading)
U (umbrella)
W (waffles)
X (???)
Y (Yesenia, yogurt)
Z (zoo, zebra)

...let me know if you have any ideas. I'm trying to relate as many items as possible to Dylan's life, but I'm willing to go generic at this point. This is harder than it looks!


  1. Xylophone? X-Men? Did he have one of those toy xylophones? Maybe if you get him one, then you'll have the "X" taken care of! Q = "quiet time" if there is such a thing! O = orange juice? What a cute idea!

  2. You may have to abandon principle and use words starting with "ex-" for X: exercise, excitement, etc.

    How about W is for "Wo wo tic tic cro"? :)

  3. I think you're right about the "X"..but that just bothers me on so many different levels.

  4. i = insect? ink?
    j = jello?
    k = kitty? kids? kangaroo? kite? knee? kitchen?
    l = light bulb? lake?
    o = oven? orange?
    q = quilt? quarter (the coin)? quarantine? (just kidding on that one :P) queen?
    r = rainbow? rabbit? robot? ring?
    u = underpants? uncle? unicorn?
    w = watermelon? wheelbarrow? window?
    x = xray? xerox? :P
    y = yellow? yo-yo? yahoo!? yard?
    z = zipper? zombie? (hehe)

  5. oh, duh, you already had zebra listed! j=jack-o-lantern

  6. I did this for Andrew and I am doing one for Aaron this Christmas. Here are what I have for these letters -
    I - I did Illinois and Idaho since we have family there, also ice cubes
    J- Jay Jay the Jet plan, I put a picture of Jeremy and Jonah but that isnt' much help for you! Jesus!
    K - Kite, kangaroo, kittens
    L - leaves, love
    O - ostrich, oranges, olives (andrew had a thing for olives!)
    Q - Quack, quilt (MIL made one for him)
    R- racecar, rainbow, radio
    U - USA
    W - windmill, wagon, worm, watermelon
    X - Xray, xylophone
    Y - You (attached a mirror), yo-yo, yarn
    Z - Zipper, Zoe (parents dog!)

    I got a lot of pictures off of Yahoo images. Search for what you want and you will get lots of ideas. I will have come back to this post when I get my butt in gear for Aarons book. Good luck!


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