Monday, June 24, 2013

love thyself. {#SurvivingSummer}

Mothering is hard work. Summer Mothering is in a league all it's own. 

I'll admit it: during the school year I got comfortable. After seemingly endless years of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, this last school year, two out of three of our kiddos were in school all day, every day, and I adjusted very quickly to this new normal.

Now summer is here, and the days are once again filled to the brim with three little people calling out, "Mom! Mama! Mommy! Mom! Mom!! MOM!!!", and I'm determined not lose my self in the mix.

I've been learning the importance of self-care these past few years. Us moms have a ton of excuses why we couldn't possibly take care of ourselves, but I think we can all do something for ourselves each day, even if it's something small.

I find that I'm happier and healthier when I'm taking good care of myself. I believe it's good for my kids to see a mom who invests in herself. 

And I know that I simply won't survive summer with all my marbles if I don't.

I'm all for hard work, but I've been reminded over and over again, that it's also important to REST WELL. Or as my mom recently said to me {I"ve been known to get a bit hung up on productivity}, "You know, you don't have to work hard all the time."

Um, OK.

And while we are, of course, called to love others well, the command reads love others as well as you love yourself, which sounds to me like we have to know what self-love is first.

So mamas, put down those laundry baskets, walk away from the dishwasher, pass some of the work on to the kids, stop adding items to your to do list. It's time to practice a little self-care and discover the things that make your heart sing.

Trust me, you're worth it. 

1. Wake up early Monday morning. Enjoy the quiet.

2. Declutter a space that makes you feel bonkers.

3. Brew yourself a cup of tea. Bonus points if it's in your favorite mug.

4. Go for a run. Leave the watch at home.

5. Catch up on your She Reads Truth plan.

6. Power up the blender. Think green.

7. Buy yourself a little something, slightly frivolous, really fun.

8. Stop with the negative self-talk.
(If you wouldn't say it to a friend, don't say it to yourself!)

9. Head to bed at a decent hour.

10. Create some white space.

11. Go for a long walk with a good friend.

12. Eat a salad.

13. Take a bath. Don't forget the bubbles.

14. Curl up with a good book.

15. Dry your hair even if you're not planning to leave the house.

16. Treat yourself to a little latte love.

17. Paint your nails.

18. Fill up your water bottle in the morning, and keep it close by all day long.

19. Know when to put on the stretchy pants.

20. Plan a girls' night.

21. Clean out your closet. Keep only the items you love.

22. Moisturize.

23. Do the bare minimum. Leave the rest.

24. Sit. Down.

25. Sleep in whenever, however you can.

26. Choose a word. Refer to it often.

27. Hire a (daytime) babysitter. Run errands in peace.

28. Learn to say no.

29. Take off the cape.


  1. mmmmmm..... smiling at this list.....

  2. Well said Katie! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your time with the babies this summer.

  3. Great read for Monday morning! Thanks!

  4. I needed this today...thank you!!


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