Friday, May 31, 2013


April and May flew by in a blur of flooding, field trips, and seasonal allergies. We have one week of school to go until SUMMER! Here's how we've been spending our spring days...

Spring break = a visit to the local recycling plant with friends. Aren't we the coolest moms on the block?? (Not sure if the kids were impressed but I give it an A+ for being educational and for getting us out of the house.)

So many good books to read, so little time. These are two of my current favorites. Glennon makes me laugh out loud and feel normal; Shauna makes me want to dirty every pan in the house (and that's saying something).

A new use for an old tutu. We'll see if this look catches on.

While muttering, "we can do hard things," under our breath, Matt and I spent 3 chilly hours in the garage assembling this hoop for the boy... 

...and it was all worth it to see his eyes light up in the morning. Basketball is his current passion - playing, collecting cards, watching it on TV.

Ella had a piece in the school district art show this year. You may recognize our pal, "David."

The kids all did a bike race in Holland a few weeks ago. Dylan has raced before and really embraced the experience this time around. Ella liked it but looked more like she was out for a joy ride than a bike race. And Mady, well Mady, surprised us all. She was dead serious, game face on, and cried giant crocodile tears at the finish line because they wouldn't let her keep going. {By the way, Strider bikes = best toddler present ever}

The kids LOVE to eat outside. And mommy's happy to let the mess stay out of the kitchen. Folks, this is what we call a win-win.

I have discovered Teavana thanks to my friend Holly, and my life may never be the same. My new treat is a cup o' tea (and I'm officially old).

The friend on the far right is Jori. I first wrote about her here. Jori is fighting the fight of her life and her faith and courage are incredible. She's also the girl who dances the Thriller at her own cancer fundraiser. It's an honor to know her. Please keep this sweet family in your prayers.

We enjoyed some cousin time when Myles came to town. Two days after this picture was taken, a new cousin joined the family. And two more cousins are coming in July and October...Christmas should be extra fun this year! Dylan and Ella are officially the big cousins and they suddenly seem so old.

Dylan's new favorite hobby. He draws these logos for hours, copying them off of his sports' card collection. Incredible.

Introducing baby Jensen! Congratulations, Chad & K3! Big cousin Dylan is absolutely smitten with this little guy (well, really, we all are).

Mady and I finally made it to the greenhouse! Spring is in full bloom!


  1. Ooo...I should check out the Teavana site a little more. Looks good! I love tea!

  2. All of this just makes me smile.


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