Sunday, January 20, 2013

round. {Project 52}

This past Friday morning before school, Ella burst into tears. She declared that it wasn't fair that Mady got to spend the day with Mommy and Daddy while she had to go to school.

Because Matt usually works on Saturday's, he often has Friday's off. When the kids were all young, it was one big family day. Now that the big kids are in school, Mady gets to tag along on Mommy and Daddy's makeshift date day.

We spent this particular day enjoying Real Food breakfast spread (always a treat) and running errands. We found ourselves at the mall and soon we were trading in a dollar token for the best {toddler} ride in town.

And a great photo op for Project 52's week three theme: round.

Daddy was her riding partner while I got to sit back and snap photos, each revolution of the animal parade producing a colorful snapshot in time.

A spunky girl (I'm three!). A daddy smitten by said girl. A circular zoo. An ordinary Friday. Quick glimpses of two of my loves in motion.

Afterwards, Matt joked, it's only a dollar...why don't you do that with her every time you come?

At age 33, the mere thought of riding on a carousel makes me want to barf.

At age three, it's pure joy.

And your Daddy? He's what makes your world go round.
Pop over to Charis Images to see what's making my friend Autumn's world go round this week.


  1. She looks really happy. I know what you mean about the merry go round not being a good idea. I can't even do the slow ones well. And that one is especially fast I think.

  2. She does look happy! So happy, it almost makes me want to give the merry-go-round one more try;)

  3. That carousel goes fast, too. I went to the Carousel Museum (I was taken there, it wasn't really deliberate...) and the lady was super excited I was from GR because our carousel is one of the fastest in the country, apparently.

    What a sweet post! Ordinary is the best, I think :) And Real Food - yum.


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