Sunday, January 6, 2013

self-portrait. {Project 52}

My friend Autumn is starting up a new project this year called Project 52. It's a weekly photo challenge for 2013 with 52 themes—one per week—to inspire a photo or series of photos that express that theme.

week one = self-portrait. I have to admit the idea of self-portrait is intimidating. I am not a pro or even a novice at shooting with my camera (my method: turn to Auto and hope for the best). In addition, I was not born in the era of let's-take-our-photo-in-every-bathroom-mirror-we-see-and-post-them-to-various-social-media-sites so I'm no good at getting the right angles.

Furthermore, I'm closing down almost a decade of one of the hardest {physical} phases of a women's life - the child-bearing years (9 years ago next month we found out we were expecting Dylan!)

And to add insult to injury, these past two weeks have been a couple of the most harrowing of my life.

(OK, I'm being a tad bit dramatic but not much.)

I call it the Perfect Storm for Mommy's Gonna Lose Her Ever Loving Mind... The Holiday Plague of 2012 (it got me twice!), post-holiday-stress-disorder (6 parties in 9 days), a construction zone for a home (the basement! almost done!), three kids cooped up in the homestead all. day. long. (#cabinfever), and suitcases begging to be packed.

I know. I shouldn't complain about that last one.

Long story short, life feels chaotic and my face tells the story. And I'm too tired to put on make-up. Or real clothes. Or "look for the light". Or find a kid to lend me a hand (the original plan...but as with all things these past couple of weeks, the plan got blown to smithereens).

So instead, you get my legs (one of my favorite parts of physical me) and my feet (currently the most put together thing in my life -- the girls and I made time for pedicures last night.)

Taken with my phone. Because I'm fancy like that.

And I'm resting. On my bed. Because my one word for 2013 is renew.

It seems like a logical first step.

Having fun yet? Head on over to Charis Images to see (what I'm guessing is) Autumn's more sophisticated take on self-portrait.


  1. LOVE this! A self-portrait does NOT necessarily have to be a pic of your face. And it does place us all in a position of vulnerability - which is ugly-beautiful, no?

    Thanks for putting yourself out there - and for journeying with me! :) I'm really looking forward to getting to know everyone in the next 52 weeks. <3

  2. I agree! I love this too! Love the perspective, the story behind it, I have always loved your legs!

  3. I'm jealous about the packing part- I hope everyone stays healthy! Also, nice toes.


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