Sunday, May 6, 2012

Menu Plan Monday | 5.7.12

Last week's Menu Plan Monday was a success! 

I found it empowering (yes, I just said empowering) to enter the week with a solid plan. I was actually a little bit excited to grocery shop (list in hand!), and when 5 o'clock rolled around each day, I didn't feel the usual dinner time panic - or end up making everyone a round of PBJ's.

The meals I've made before - the goulash, honey sesame chicken, and pizza casserole were big hits. The new meal - the buffalo chicken lettuce wraps - tasted good to Matt and me, but they were a bit spicy for the kids. 

I did reserve some plain chicken and they all humored me and ate one small wrap each, but they didn't ask for seconds. 

Verdict: great meal for adults. Not so great for kids. (But I'm still glad we tried them.)

The show must go on. Here's Week Two of my Menu Plan Monday:

Family Night = Chicken on the grill + sweet potato oven fries & corn on the cob.

I found a great deal on chicken last week when I made my second (oops!) trip to the grocery store for a couple of things I missed the first time around. [List or no list, our 2 1/2 year old is not exactly a pleasure to shop with.] I figure we can eat the leftovers on salads during the week.

Open/Leftovers = Matt's working late.

Old Standby = The Stocked Kitchen's Chicken Enchiladas.

I throw the chicken in the Crock-Pot during the day and then pull it out when it's done and cube it - add salsa, cream cheese, and a can of black beans with the chicken to a pot on the stove until it's all heated through. Wrap a little of the mixture in tortillas, line them up in a 9x13, and sprinkle with cheese. Bake for 30 minutes at 350. Done. Dinner is served.

Something New = Spicy Quinoa Burgers.

I bought a giant bag of quinoa a couple months ago after Theresa (and just about everyone else I know raved about it). I dedicated one of my new OXO containers, created a cute chalkboard label, filled it to the brim...and there she sits. For whatever reason, I am terrified to actually make anything with it. The buck stops here. This week I'm trying these yummy sounding burgers from Theresa's own edition of Menu Plan Monday.

Crock-Pot = Honey Curry Chicken.

Easy peasey and my family LOVES it. Mix up a little butter, honey, salt, curry, and mustard and pour it over either chicken breasts or tenderloins. I often double the amount of curry I throw in, and I don't always include the prepared mustard (or the extra salt for that matter). I used to bake this in the oven, but I've found the Crock-Pot is an even easier choice. Serve over rice.

Family Night = Pasta??

This is my last pre-25K meal! I think the eat pasta, run fasta thing is a myth, but I might make our favorite homemade spaghetti sauce anyway. Then again, I might send Matt out for Jimmy John's. Tough call. Still thinking on this one.

Family Night (Date Night??) = Open

I've worked hard in the kitchen all week and I've (hopefully) just completed my first ever 25K. I'm not planning anything for this day...we'll just wing it.

Feeling inspired? Join in the meal planning mania @ I'm An Organizing Junkie.


  1. I wish I was coming over on Thursday- I love that stuff! With broccoli of course.

  2. Hey Katie! I really need to start doing a meal plan each week. Would make life easier!! :)

    I'm a new follower from The Sasse Life hop.
    Great blog, nice to "meet" you! :)

  3. Let me know how the quinoa burgers turn out! I buy it all the time and usually just use it as a side dish with olive oil and balsamic vinager. Weird, I know. But my tastebuds like it. Early congrats on the 25K!! You can do it!!

    Jessie Lynn @Bloominthedetails


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