Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

We are approaching the start of my 31st Annual Birthday Week (other people are happy celebrating one day each year - I prefer an entire week). I just helped Matt out and ordered my birthday present this year and I'm pretty excited. I've been looking at these for almost a year and I finally pulled the trigger. I know there are multiple shops out there that do this sort of thing but I settled on The Vintage Pearl - seems like a nice family owned shop with cute stuff (they even agreed to put my kids names on the necklace and add an extra flower for Mady ;) ) This is not a paid advertisement by the way, I'm just excited, and thought I would share. Thinking they would make a pretty cool gift for others too especially for a first-time mom.


  1. Happy Birthday week! I have a necklace from the Vintage Pearl and I love it!!! Wear it all the time! Can't wait to see yours. :)

  2. Birthday week? I thought you got a birthday month! (Love the necklace!)


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