Friday, July 30, 2010

oh yeah, we have other kids!

I'm realizing the last three posts have been about Mady so maybe it's time to give Kid #1 and Kid #2 some blog love. It's easy to take pictures at "events" and harder to remember to snap photos of day-to-day stuff. Here is a glimpse of everyday life around here.

Ella was given this "princess" dress for Christmas last year from Matt's mom (it's actually a bride Halloween costume that she found on clearance at Marshall's - brilliant!) and Ella is famous for disappearing for a few moments and coming back looking like this. You can't help but laugh when she comes dancing into a room and we make sure to give her plenty of oooh's and aaah's (Ella is most at risk of suffering from MCS (Middle Child Syndrome). It's fun to watch Matt with a little girl too - his experience growing up with three brothers was mostly boy-based - and I can only imagine the look on his face in 20-ish years when she walks into the room in her wedding dress.

Besides being a part-time princess, Ella also fills her days watching Curious George, writing her name (looks a little like E-l-l-q), taking care of her baby twins, and talking in a weird high-pitched voice to Mady (she doesn't get that from me, does she?)

The first thing I should say about Dylan is that I love him dearly. The second thing I have to say is HE NEEDS TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL. With that off my chest - besides driving his mother crazy - Dylan is busy making car dealerships (see below), drawing pictures (that's his turtle too), asking me what 12 + 87 makes, and calling Matt and I from various phones (he learned both of our phone numbers this summer...Bonus! Kind of...)


  1. those #1 and #2 kids of yours are great.:)

  2. We should get Abbie and Kid #2 together. They could play bride for hours!


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