Thursday, July 15, 2010


It's Katie and Chad's Wedding Week, so I've got marriage on my mind. We also heard a great teaching on Sunday on Jesus and Divorce and I read a funny (but true) article in Real Simple the other day. I thought I'd share both because I'm generous like that.

I really enjoyed the practical pointers near the end of the teaching - I love the idea of working at your marriage so it shines like a little bit of light in a dark world (instead of just "sticking it out" - make your marriage actually mean something for Jesus).

And my favorite point from the Real Simple article is below:

7. Accept that everybody needs alone time. Sometimes your spouse needs to go to the bathroom for 45 minutes. Look, he’s not going to the bathroom the whole time; he’s trying to get away from you. And that’s OK. Maybe you’re being annoying. Sometimes you can be kind of annoying, you know.

HA! (Matt loves to be in the bathroom alone and now I know why ;) )

In other marriage news, we are all getting very excited for The Weddin' tomorrow. The kids are all fired up to "practice" the wedding tonight (mostly I think they know there are presents involved). Ella and I are off to get pedicures today and tomorrow will be a whirlwind of hair appointments, pictures, and dancin'. We are so happy for Katie and Chad as they begin this new phase of their lives together...and I'm enjoying my last day as the only Katie Terpstra in H-ville!

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  1. marriage is a beautiful thing. and i still haven't gotten my real simple:( thanks for the link.


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