Wednesday, June 30, 2010

summer survival

Don't get any ideas about me because I am SO not that mom, but in the name of survival I have come across a few easy, fun activities for your favorite preschooler/kindergartner.

The first is called Count the House. I found the blog that it's from - Let's Explore - somehow through my cousin Kristin*and I liked the author's non-complicated ideas - usually the best bet with little ones. To Count the House, you can download the pdf on the site and then go through the house with your child (or have him do it alone if he's old enough) and count windows, sinks, beds, etc. I did this one afternoon with Dylan while Ella and Mady were napping and it was a big hit. Dylan needed help keeping track of the numbers for some of the items like doors and curtains but he could do a lot of it himself too. I even ended up making him another sheet with different objects on it because he liked it so much. I'm thinking it might be a fun game to send with him to Nana's house next time too.

The second idea we tried is Nature Bingo. I found myself trying to fill another evening while The Hubby is off selling cars, so I Googled away and found some bingo cards on-line (the cards I used are here - the items all seemed pretty appropriate for your average nature experience in West Michigan. I'm sure you can find others or make your own). Dylan and Ella both enjoyed this but Ella needed a little more help. Nature + Free = Fun. The Ladybug Magazine site I used looks like it some good stuff on it too - if you've got a road trip in your future these Car Bingo cards are calling your name!

That's all I have, folks. We will now return to our normal summer activities: watching Curious George, playing with the hose, and roaming around the house complaining that we're hungry for fruit snacks.

*Speaking of fun ideas, my cousin Kristin is working on teaching her kids (ages 6, 3, 2) the Fruits of the Spirit this summer and each week she's posting ideas for a different fruit including Bible verses and crafts among other things. Catch up here: Kindness, Joy. Hope you don't mind me mentioning this here, Kristin! The pressure is on now ;)

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