Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Good stuff

In no particular order...
  • Bell bike helmets. Their OneStep fit system actually works and the helmets stay on our kids heads. Brilliant.
  • Angie Smith's book, I Will Carry You. Cried and cried. So much sorrow. So much joy.
  • Target formula. Three out of four of Mady's feedings each day are now bottles/formula. My free formula stash ran out...Target formula is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than the name brand stuff (even when you factor in coupons). I gave it a try and I really like it - it even mixes up better than Similac or Enfamil. These people like it too (funny blog by the way, for all you Target lover's out there).
  • Cheddar Chex. Beyond delicious.
  • Bumbo baby seats. I know I am really late to the Bumbo party, but we are borrowing one right now and using it a ton. I never bought one myself because I didn't know how much we'd use it...turns out we use it all the time! So far I've been using it a lot while feeding Mady solids. I love how portable it is too.


  1. We loved Target formula! The only difference is marketing/packaging, and the assumption that people won't bother to find out for themselves it's *exactly* the same as the expensive stuff! We bought Kirkland from Costco too. Why spend more than you need to? :)

  2. have you tried the turtle chex mix? absolutely delicious.


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