Wednesday, May 13, 2009

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We are officially (almost) all packed for Florida! We planned this spontaneous little trip about 3 weeks ago and we're leaving in just a couple of days. I am very much looking forward to some rest and relaxation (or as much R&R as possible with a 4 1/2 year old, a 2 1/2 year old, and one in the oven). We are going to Orlando and we rented a condo with a nice pool on the grounds. We're also taking the kids to Sea World and maybe we'll fit a beach day in there too. We are pretty spoiled and have been able to do quite a few vacations with the kids but they have always involved one of our families (and yes, we do enjoy vacationing with them!). This is our first real family vacation with just us and the kids.

Matt realized the other day that because of this vacation and Memorial Day, he will have 11 continuous days off of work which is pretty much unheard of around here. Whenever things start to get crazy around here in the evenings, I like to look at him and exclaim, "11 days!" (sometimes with a fist pump). He loves that.

Dylan is graduating from preschool tomorrow. I can't believe this school year is over already. He's learned a ton and I think the year has helped him develop socially too. Pre-K is back on the table for next year because Hudsonville is going to offer the program after all. After convincing myself that another year of preschool (the next class up) would be the best fit for Dylan next year, now I am back to considering Pre-K. I reserve the right to change my mind, right??

In other news, I bought a new shower organizer this week. Our old one had gotten rusty so I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond to find a rust-proof one. The funny thing is that of the eight or so models they offer, I can only find one that was rust-proof. Is it just me or shouldn't they all be rust-proof? Are there people out there with showers that don't get wet? Isn't a wet shower and a metal shower organizer a recipe for rust? Just a few of the questions that keep me up at night...

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