Tuesday, May 26, 2009

preschool graduation

We have a brand new preschool graduate living amongst us now. Right before we left for Florida, Dylan had his preschool graduation. The whole thing was pretty comical because the preschoolers were of course very cute and little and because Dylan was completely exhausted and kept yawning through the entire ceremony. We're pretty sure he didn't know where he was half the time (plus, Matt said the little boy standing next to him was doing ALL of the motions and "making Dylan look bad".) Dylan made it through though and was very happy with his punch and cookie afterwards.


  1. I love that hat:-)
    You look great, by the way. Sure you're pregnant?

  2. I love that they still do blue construction hats :) It's what I wore to my Maple Tree Graduation -cough- years ago.



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