Thursday, January 22, 2009

recipe exchange (blog-style!)

I am always looking for new recipes, and oftentimes I try stuff out of cookbooks or from on-line sites, but I don't always end up liking the results. My friend Katie mentioned a very yummy sounding recipe the other day, so I asked her to send it on to me. It got me to thinking about how all my friends (regardless of if you consider yourself to be a great chef or not) probably have a few great recipes up their sleeves that they could share with me (wink, wink). is what I'm proposing - send me your favorite, go-to, everyone-loves-it, EASY recipe and I'll post it on my blog ( I would also love to know all the little details that go along with it - tips, side dishes, variations, etc. It can be a crockpot meal, casserole, quick lunch, whatever...I'm sure ideas are already popping into your heads :) 

I figure with a blog-style recipe exchange, I get the benefit of some new recipes but then I can also turn around and share them with other people who read this blog. [The other option is that you could post your own recipe to your own blog (if you have one) and then I can post a link back to you...whatever floats your boat.] And if you can't decide on just one, go ahead and send in two...or three...

Here is the previously mentioned yummy recipe from Katie P.

1 can diced Italian style tomatoes
1 cup shredded chicken (or 10 oz can)
2 cups chicken broth
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp cumin
1/4 cup salsasalt and pepper

optional toppings: tortilla chips, cheddar cheese, avocado

This recipe is very give and take--use more of one thing, less of all works out and tastes very good.

Katie T's note (really Katie M's note!) - Katie M reports she also added white beans and corn which only added to the yummy-ness.

One more thing: if you end up making any of these recipes, leave a comment and let us all know how they turned out. Now quick...go grab a recipe to share before the baby wakes up :)


  1. Great idea, Katie. I'll definitely try out this tortilla soup, and I'll be sure to email you a few recipes in the not too distant future!

  2. Great idea. I just sent you a recipe!


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