Friday, January 16, 2009

poop problems

Caution: if you're not a mom, this post will seem crazy and slightly disgusting...just enjoy this time in your life when you're not responsible for anyone else's poop...your day is coming!

I'm pretty sure I promised a while back not to blog about potty/poop related topics anymore, but I just can't help myself. I'm a mom and my life pretty much revolves around other people's bathroom habits.

Some of you know that #2 continues to be a big struggle with Dylan. He wasn't exactly the easiest kid to potty train (#1 took about 6 months starting at age 3 1/2 and some days I'm not even sure that we're really there) and #2 has been horrible. Words cannot even begin to express the frustration that this has caused all of us - let's just say we're keeping the Pull-Up and wipes people is business single handedly. After months and months of this we started to wonder if something was wrong with his poop (I'll spare you the details but his poop doesn't look or smell like "normal" poop and it comes out in small quanities ALL THE TIME).

Anyway, at his 4 year check-up I talked to our doctor about it and she ordered up a blood test for him to rule out any food allergies or intolerances (we have also tried crazy amounts of fiber with him and also a prescription laxative that's OK for longer term use - neither of these worked). We just got the results back and found out he actually has an egg allergy. We really don't know if that's tied in with his poop problems, but now all we can do is avoid those foods and see what happens.

In brighter potty news, Ella seems to be displaying all the signs of potty readiness and she's even gone a few times on the potty this week...the problem is Daddy and Mommy are not quite ready for another round :)

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  1. well, good to hear about ella! hopefully dylan gets better and better at this whole business and there isn't anything wrong medically... but if there is it will be good to find out so he can get whatever help he needs. it must be very frustrating because you are doing everything you can think of... so kudos to you and your patience!


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