Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One last week...

With Dylan going to preschool this year, this week really feels like the last week of summer. In past summers, September still felt pretty summery around here since I stay home and our weeks are pretty much the same regardless of the season.

Sunday and Monday, Ella and I went up to Traverse City to visit a very good college friend, Amanda, and her husband Rob and little girls Samantha and Olivia. It's always beautiful up there, and it was so good to sit and talk to Amanda and spend time with her family. She took some pictures of the girls that I'll post when I get them - it's like an out of body experience to watch your kids play with your best friend's kids. We joke about them becoming college roommates at Hope someday :)

Today and tomorrow I have work meetings here which is always strange for me because I work from home and also work remotely (the main office is in Indianapolis). For the most part, I don't identify much with being a working mom because I don't have to deal with issues like childcare or being away from my kids. These bi-annual meetings give me a taste of what those moms deal with on a weekly basis!

Thursday morning is Dylan's preschool orientation. I'm excited about him going to preschool, but also a little worried because we don't quite have all the poop issues taken care of. I'm hoping he can hold it together for a few hours each week while he's at school and we can continue to work on it at home.

And then we have one last long weekend before fall. Matt has Friday through Monday off which is always quite the treat around here. We'll spend some time at the condo and he also has a fantasy football draft and I hear rumors of a MSU football watching party.

Hope you all enjoy your last week of fall!

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