Monday, August 11, 2008

Bullet Points

  • The Olympics are ruining my life. I'm a tad bit obsessed and it's hard to fit any other activities into my life when I'm watching Olympic coverage from 10am to 4pm and then 8pm to 12am. Today I resisted turning the TV on during the day (except to watch the amazing men's relay from last night that I had DVR'ed), and I'm going to DVR the prime time coverage again tonight, so I can put off watching it until later tonight and then zip through the commercials. Sad that this much thought has gone into this, I know. I expect to get my life back in approximately two weeks.
  • We just found out that we have a Disney vacation/cruise with my family to look forward to in October. We've had it on our list of vacations to do for a while, and everything worked out for everyone to go this fall. We'll be spending four days in the parks and three days on the boat. I've started skimming guidebooks and I'm excited to take our kids but also a little overwhelmed!
  • Mark your Birthday Week is coming up. I know most people only get one day to celebrate their birthdays, but I prefer to stretch out the celebrating as long as possible, usually into an entire week if I can swing it. Thursday we kick off the festivities at Matt's parents' for dinner, Friday is a picnic in the park in Holland with my family, Saturday is date night, and Sunday (my actual b-day) is a get-together with Matt's mom's side for all the summer birthdays. This is really only a Birthday Long Weekend this year, but it'll do.


  1. I've never been as excited about a sporting even I didn't even know was going to occur two hours prior as I was last night at the end of that relay.

    USA! USA!

  2. * Me, too. Can't get enough. I wish I could figure out how to fit all 24-hours of coverage into my day.
    * How great for you Terps. A Disney cruise. I'm adding it to my Life List now.
    *Happy birthday:-) And, for the record, I say stretch it out as long as "they'll" let you!


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