Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Big news around here: we have finally put The Mullet to good use. We have discovered that Ella now has enough hair for two tiny pigtails. Mostly I put them in for our own amusement because she's so stinking cute running around with them sticking out. Dylan was confused at first - he wanted to know why Ella had horns. I explained to him that they were called pigtails, and he's settled on referring to them as "Ella's pig horns." Close enough.


  1. Ella looks so cute with her new little hairstyle! :) and "pig horns"... put that in the baby book!

  2. That is so cute! Where did you get bands that are tiny enough?

  3. The little rubberbands are from Target. They are Goody brand. $2 for 75 - pink, blue and yellow with little sparkles :)


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